Who I Am?

Until you spread your wings, you’ll have no idea how far you can fly.


I am a 16 years old girl from a small village of Pakistan called Jherruck. My background explains a lot who I am, and the values that I have developed. I took birth in this world on Aug 19, 2000. My name was chosen by my parents. They named me as “Hoor Ul Ain”, but at that time I was unaware about the importance of name because I was a kid and I used to remain busy in playing games with my friends.

These are the few pictures of my village.

I was admitted in school when I was two and a half years old. It was the first day of my school and my mother came with me as I was the youngest child. We both were sitting in principal’s office. After 15 minutes my mother stood up and started walking towards the outdoor of school. I started crying because it was my first time when I was all alone, without my parents.

I got my primary education from a school that was not too far from my house. And that school had just one class.

This was my primary school.


when I was a kid, I didn’t know the reason, why other girls of my village were not going to school. But after some years I figured out the reason behind that. Actually, I was living in a village where girls were not allowed to go to school. Even I was also not allowed to get education but my father said “Hoor Ul Ain will go to school and will get education”.

Time passed and I became mature. Then I came to know that in my community girls are not given their equal rights to survive. But I didn’t stop my school. When I was a kid I told my father that “I want to travel the world and I want to get foreign education”. By the grace of Allah I got a way to turn my dreams into reality. I am vert thankful to my teacher sir “Ghulam Mujtaba” who told me about the USA scholarship.

It was a long process of selection and I worked too hard for that so I became the finalist of K-L YES scholarship. My parents were so happy. When I told that news to my villagers they dissuade me, but my parents supported me and they stood beside me. They argued a lot but I still remember the words of my parents, they said “Hoor ul ain will go to USA. we have blind believe on our daughter”. That was the moment of pride for me.

Now I am in USA and now I know the importance of name. It is very important to identify the person. And I have the best example for that. People are calling my name in Pakistan now and whenever someone meet my parents, they directly say “Look,  they are the parents of Hoor UL Ain”.

I haven’t any words to describe my happiness. And I am sure now you all know who I am, and who is Hoor ul ain. img_20160214_180056

Author: hoorlana

I am Hoor Ul Ain, an exchange student from Pakistan. K-L YES 14th finalist. currently living in Sierra Vista AZ USA. facebook: Hoor Ul Ain Baloch Instagram: hoorulain_baloch Twitter: @hoorulainbaloch

18 thoughts on “Who I Am?”

  1. Good to see ur blog. I have Read it Completely and enjoyed it alot.
    May the success always look for ur feet.
    Wish u best of luck for shininh future.

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  2. MashaAllah may Allah Almighty give u more happiness by ur success…. Really now every body will know who are you? You will be inspiration for other girls of ur village…..
    May Allah make u proud of ur parents….

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Loved to read your blog my sweet sister. Dear you have got success, but definition of success keeps changing as we grow and get the step which one has desired, now you will be craving for further success, so I pray for your whole life May Allah give you a successful life but in the right direction.

    Liked by 1 person

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